Delivery Frequency

Joy Delivered to Your Mailbox

Try our new B. Reese Bitty! It's one piece of jewelry from our bundles delivered to your mailbox each month! 

With the B. Reese Bitty, you’ll effortlessly receive:

  • High quality (and surprise!) releases each month
  • One piece of jewelry from our themed bundles...from a bracelet to pair of earrings to a statement will vary month to month to keep your jewelry collection complete!
  • Exciting themes that match the activities of the season (Can you say Fall?)
  • Happy mail in our signature turquoise envelope delivered right to your door
  • The appreciation of our small business and first-in-class customer service

As a busy wife, mom and entrepreneur, I know how exciting it is to receive a little happy for yourself from time to time. Here’s to you! You deserve it! Let us accessorize your life giving you more time to squeeze the most joy out of it!

Your subscription will ship the last week of the month prior. The November subscription bundle ships October 29th. 

*We hope these product previews give you a good idea of the quality and quantity of items in our bundles. We are thankful that you trust us to style you with our surprise statement pieces.