March 02, 2022

Friends and Ah-Mazing Customers,

As our loyal customers, you're the first to hear the big news.

After much prayer and talks with my husband, I have decided to close the boutique.

I know...it's been such a good time! Please don't worry. You all have big hearts, and this closure is not due to Covid or the economy. God brought the boutique into our lives at the perfect time and used it as a vehicle in our journey from Memphis to Texas and back over the last 3 years. I've learned and grown so much. And now, it's time to close that awesome chapter.

So what does this mean?!?!

- B. Reese Boutique will officially go offline in sales on February 28th.

- I'll have a nice $10 sale locally in Memphis in March/April of our remaining inventory. Let me know if you want to be on the invite list!

- If you've been one of our bundle customers, your last bundle will be in February.

What's next for me and our family? I'm paring back and creating space. @b.reesestyle will still exist as a place where I share home decor, fashion, BeautyCounter products and inspiration. I've also launched a new podcast called Real Confidence with Jennifer Brunson. I'd love for you to listen and stay connected with me! There's even an episode about the boutique.

Lastly: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hasn't it been fun? You all have brought me so much joy through shopping and conversations and messages. The good news is that we can stay connected!

With love,


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