Two-tti Fruity: 2 Year Old Birthday

Two-tti Fruity: 2 Year Old Birthday

September 01, 2019

Our sweet Camryn turned 2 in August. So what did we do? Overdo the birthday celebration as usual!

My sister has been pinning ideas for Camryn's second birthday for at least a year. We ended up having a small party (10 adults and 5 kids), but we still celebrated to the max! Click any of the links below to purchase your own supplies for a Two-tti Fruity birthday! Get it....TWO-tti Fruity! 

Clink any of the photos below to purchase the product for yourself!

For the invitation, we ordered through E.M. Artistic Designs Etsy shop. Her customer service was 100%! I have this bad habit of accidentally sending my Etsy orders to our old address (whoops! sorry new homeowners!), and Erin of E.M. rerouted it to our home address and was happy to help! The invitations came printed with envelops for only $17 for 10 and that included shipping, tax and all. Aren't these invitations adorable! I cropped the bottom half due to personal information,but I want you to see how good the actual product looks. 

After we had the invite down pat, we thought about the next logical thing: What are the girls going to wear?!?! They certainly got my DNA for dressing to the theme and living it up. I found these juicy little tops with bloomers sets on Amazon. FYI they run big so size down at least one size.The price is right at only $11.99 for the set. I used my Silhouette to cut our their names in Vinyl and ironed them on the tops. Hot pink glitter vinyl for the birthday girl and gold vinyl for big sister. It was shockingly super easy! If yall want a quick tutorial on making the letters, just shoot me a message!


I couldn't get Cam to keep the fruit print headbands in her hair. But if you can hold your kiddo down (um, I mean gently put the sweet headband on the sweet baby), it is so cute and a little retro and only $11.50 for 6.

My sister should seriously be a party planner. For the last several girls' birthday, my sister Lauren has sprung for an over the top cake because she says it makes the party. And you know what, she's right! This year we went with our solid go-to source for the most beautiful and tasty cakes while also not needing to give much direction at all....drumroll please....


For this party, we downgraded a little due to the small party size, but the cake still packed a punch! The inside of the pineapple smash cake was strawberry, and I am 99% sure that she used really strawberries in the batter. It was delish! We added the TWO topper from Amazon for $8.99.

The cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla, and those fruits are seriously edible fondant. That cherry looks like a real fruit! We also picked up plain, white cupcakes from Kroger and added the pineapple toppers from Amazon. Mixing up custom with fluffed up Kroger is a great money-saving tip.


You can also get more mileage out of your purchase by using the pineapple toppers on donuts! 24 toppers are $5!

These cute gummy watermelons are great for the sour lovers in the family.

For the rest of the food, we made it easy. I ordered chicken minis, chicken nuggets, a fruit tray, salad and a bag of ice from Chick-fil-a. Kids freakin love Chick-fil-a.

Throw it all in silver bowls (we have a good supply from wedding gifts) and Bippity Boppity Boo, you look fancy!

We served it all on fruit themes paper plates from Target.

Now for the decor: We made a mega purchase on Amazon so that we did not have to make any trips to the store. With the start of school, a beach trip and several family birthdays in August, we needed to make this party throwing job efficient. 

I'm a big banner girl! Banners are an easy way to set the space for a party. This Two-tti Fruitti banner is from Amazon and under $22.

P.S. A kind friend gave us this lux high chair when her kiddos were done using it, and it is life changing. It swivels around the kitchen!


We have friends that love photo props, and so we always try to incorporate that fun element for $29 on Amazon. This set has the props as well as the Polaroid peek through sign. It was a bit hit. I like to place baby photos all around so that everyone can reminisce as they select their props. 

I got some great parenting advice from a friend before our first Christmas with a kid in the family: Always buy them something practical. A) because they need it and B) to teach them that they should appreciate practical gifts too. I have extended this to birthdays since I now know the mounds of toys the girls receive. For Cam's 2nd birthday, my husband and I gave her these Kickee Pants pajamas from Amazon. They are a splurge for us at $36.99 for pjs, but they are super soft and her bday after all! My favorite was her party girl look the morning after her party in her new tiger pajamas.





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