Friday Favs - Skin Edition

Friday Favs - Skin Edition

September 11, 2020

Happy Friday Yall!

Fashion is a major focus of this blog due to my store B. Reese Boutique (shameless plug). For this Friday, I'm changing it up a little. As I was using some of my favorite skin/beauty products this week, I thought to myself,

"If I have a product that I love, why wouldn't I share it?" 

So, here it is, the Friday Favs Skin Edition.

Native Deodorant

I'm trying to be healthier by using an aluminum free deodorant. I read a few reviews and selected this one on Amazon. Most people I talk to about alternative deodorants say they don't have the deodorant power all day. Well, I'm in LOVE with this one! Like never turning back! The key is the scent: lavender and rose. When I get sweaty/smelly (maybe TMI?!?), I just smell more like lavender and rose. I want to smell my own pits!

Charcoal Soap Bar

While we're on the armpit topic, BeautyCounter has been promoting an armpit detox which I'll be trying next week. You use a charcoal bar and a charcoal mask. I'll report back on the results!

Currently, I'm using a charcoal bar for the last few weeks in the bath daily. This sports bar is awesome, and it has a gender neutral smell. I grabbed two bars, one for the tub and one for the shower.

Scar Treatment

Let me introduce you to my miracle product, Mederma. I've know about it for years (bet you have too!) and think that I even used it on some leg scars in high school. However, it has earned a new place in my heart. When you have a baby, there are a few fun things that stick around for months or years after giving birth (Can I get an Amen?!?). Well, my beautiful and wild second child Camryn left me with melasma, a dark skin patch. Want to know the most fun part? It's above my lip. So on some days, it looks like I have a 5 o'clock shadow. I've tried so many products on it with some but not full results. Last week, I had some Mederma delivered by my friend Amazon Prime. I planned to use it on some mosquito bite scars, but I thought, "What the heck? Why not try it on my melasma?" It worked!!!!! My melasma was almost gone after 2 days of use. This is the exact formula that I used. 

Dry Brushing

Ok, I am currently not doing this but will pick it back up because I just ordered this brush from Amazon. After having my girls, I had some lumpy scar tissue at my C section incision area. I tried dry brushing on a whim, and it solved all the tough scar tissue areas. I'm going to try it again after reading some posts about the benefits. 

Resurfacing Treatment

My friend Sarah invited me to a virtual Arbonne party during quarantine. It was surprisingly fun! I have always loved their protein shakes so I purchased a few bags and received one free gift. I selected the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads that I now love. It changes the texture and look of my skin overnight. I was super skeptical at first because you pour this bottle of liquid over a tub of facial pads, but it works! And the pads have a grid pattern that really gits in there and does the job. Now, I travel with it!

Belly Firming Cream

Be honest, did you read this whole post just for the review on this one product? Girl, you're among friends! 3 years after my last baby, I've still got a pocket of fat on my's where I store my extra cookies:) I've come to love it as a reminder of the precious baby memories. I also have stretch marks. I purchased Maelys B Flat after Cara Loren promoted it. It is pretty pricy at $50 a bottle. Well, I don't have abs like hers yet (what the heck?), but I can see a difference. Warning: If you use it right after a shower, you will feel like your body is on fire. I honestly like it because I feel like I'm getting my money's worth! I'll report back again after using this product for longer.

Facial Repair Oil

Listen to this podcast and you'll likely understand and relate. I'm in love with Cocokind Facial Repair Oil. I had a lot of acne as a teen and used a lot of harsh products. I actually still use all the acne and drying type of products. Thus, I never knew what really, truly hydrated skin felt like until I started using this....after listening to the podcast. It's so natural and intensely moisturizing. Won't leave home without it! P.S. Target and Wholefoods carry Cocokind. And it's only $14!!!!

 Lip Moisturizer

Family, if you're reading this, I would like the Sugar lip set for Christmas. I'm never going back to another lip moisturizer. This stuff is legit. Enough said. 

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