Fall Refresh - Home Décor

Fall Refresh - Home Décor

October 28, 2020

Adding Fall Colors to Your Home...Without Breaking the Bank!

Our last blog post introduced you to three of Pantone's declared Fall/Autumn Colors for 2020/2021: Samba, Afterglow and Almond Oil. After sprucing up your wardrobe with these hues, you'll want to inject some Autumn color into your home décor. So, let's get to the good stuff!

Click the photos for all links to items. 


Wreaths are an easy way to add color to your home for the holidays. This one will get you from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I'm always surprised at how expensive wreaths are! This one features a Samba red and an Afterglow orange and is a great, affordable option at $36.

18inch Artificial Front Door Wreath Berry Wreath Fall Maple Leaf Wreath for Halloween and Thanksgiving Decor


Who doesn't love Fall scents in the home while you watch Netflix all snuggly on the couch?!?! In addition to brewing some cinnamon sticks, here is an awesome candle option in Afterglow. We adore this line of candles because the containers are beautiful - also great for gifting to spoil a friend or family member. Pomegranate Citrus scent for $32. Psst, they also carry minis. 

Click the photo for the  Pomegranate Citrus

Petite Pumpkin Candle- $24

Ombre Glass Candle - $24

Mini Volcano Candle - $10

 Roll over image to zoom in Capri Blue Watercolor Candle - 19 Oz - Pomegranate Citrus

Cozy Duvet

For Christmas last year, I asked for an Ugg cozy comforter in the Almond Oil shade. Funny story: A few days after Christmas, my mom walked into the room dragging a huge item (we were still at my parent's house for vacation). She says she's so embarrassed that she forgot my big present..the Ugg bedspread! We had a good laugh, and I have loved and enjoyed the Ugg bedspread ever since! I leave it in storage until the colder months and then add it to our bed, folded at the foot for a warm option. This duvet is similar and less to store as you can put it over an existing comforter, plus pillow covers! $95 for the King set.

Plush Shaggy Duvet Cover Set Luxury Ultra Soft Crystal Velvet Bedding Sets 3 Pieces(1 Faux Fur Duvet Cover + 2 Faux Fur Pillowcases),Zipper Closure(King,Light Beige)

Living Room Throw

It's nice to have several throw options for the back of the couch and chairs. We also have a rustic wooden ladder that we hang blankets on in our living room. Everyone wants a blankie...all at the same time! This one is cable knit which just screams colder weather! The Almond Oil shade is on point for Fall/Winter colors. Cable knit throws can get pricy, but this one is under $20.

Jinchan Throw Blanket Ivory Lightweight Cable Knit Sweater Style Year Round Gift Indoor Outdoor Travel Accent Throw for Sofa Comforter Couch Bed Recliner Living Room Bedroom Decor 50" x 60"

Throw Pillows

If you want to infuse some Afterglow without going overboard, these velvety pillows will infuse that POP of color. Layer them with existing pillows for volume and depth. These are $8. Right, I know! You can add the Samba red to cart too for that price!

Phantoscope Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Cover Soft Solid Square Cushion Case for Couch Orange Red 12 x 20 inches 30 x 50 cm

Hardbound Books

Let's just go ahead and blow your mind: Did you know there is a site where you can order specific color ranges of hardback books by the foot? It's a little pricy, but if you are staging a home permanently or wanting to splurge on a color, booksbythefoot.com is your jam! A more affordable option? Wrap your hardbound books in colored paper.

Autumn Leaf Hardbound Orange and Red Books


 *Hi, I'm Jennifer Brunson. Owner of B. Reese Boutique. We feature clothing, decor and gifts from many stores on our blog posts. And of course, we feature our boutique clothing because we search for the classiest and most beautiful clothing for women and children. We also feature many Amazon products because I am an Amazon affiliate. But more than that, I'm a procrastinator so I genuinely am an Amazon Prime mom. 



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