Dreamy Carillon Beach

Dreamy Carillon Beach

July 20, 2019

The beach is calling me...

I am counting down the days until our family vacation: a fun filled 7 days in Panama City Beach. Sun. Sand. Salt. My favorite place on Earth is the beach. Can I get an "Amen!"?

We had a little vacation preview with a long weekend recently in Carillon Beach. My husband Scott and I took a walk/ride (it was steamy so we walked half way and then decided to take the car. It's July man!) so that I could take a photo of what I think is the most adorable community pool. That stained glass. Isn't it beautiful!?! 

 A neighborhood pool at Carillon Beach

Our one stop photo session turned into a late evening stroll through the community.

And boy was I inspired (aka "honey, can we..." home list grew). First of all, there was endless fence inspiration. I want to replace an old wrought iron fence in our backyard with one like these. Which one is your favorite? 

And can we talk about the live oaks. Breathtaking!

God's canopy shaded us while we strolled past sprawling era inspired homes with modern touches. 

The sweetest town bell tower sits in the center with beautiful turquoise patina on the bells.

It's surrounded by trees wrapped in lights, and it was just the right time of day to feel magical.

Scott and I even took a selfie in front of the grove of trees, but I will spare you the photo because it is just two sweaty love birds with white sunscreen streaks on our faces. 

I remember watching footage of this beach flooded with ocean during the hurricane last year and am so thankful all is peaceful and well now. I love this community nestled just between the 30A beach towns and Panama City Beach. Until next time Carillon!


Most. Adorable. Playground.



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