Color Coordinating Your Outfit - Complimentary Colors

Color Coordinating Your Outfit - Complimentary Colors

August 13, 2020

Calling all Color Junkies!

Anyone else out there a color junkie? I love playing with colors! The color swatch aisle at Lowe's is totally my jam. Color evokes feelings and emotions and can create reactions. 

The Color Wheel and Fashion Series

In this five part series, we will talk about using the color wheel to color coordinate your outfit by talking about five different strategies.

First, what is the color wheel? The color wheel is tool to give you motivation and inspiration for color pairings. You can apply it to decorating your home, creating art or, today's subject, selecting fashion accessories.

Complimentary Colors

We'll kick this off with COMPLIMENTARY COLORS.

Complimentary colors are across from each other on the color wheel. The power is in how they contrast with each other.

Style your outfit with complimentary colors when (and only when) you want the following:

  • A look with POP
  • Energy
  • Confidence
  • Attention 

Seriously, people will stop you and say, "WOW I LOVE THAT OUTFIT." I cannot wait for you to try this out. Please let me know when you get stopped for outfit compliments. Complimentary colors bring out the best in each other...amplify each other.

Here's an example of when you want to use this color combo and when you do not want to use contrasting colors. P.S. There are SO many variations of each color, so you can fudge a little within the colors as long as you're close. AKA Don't stress about it!

Benefiting from complimentary colors: An example is football team colors. Check out a few of their colors. For example, Auburn's colors are blue and orange, and they are complimentary colors. They drive attention, energy and excitement, exactly what you want for football fans!

Undesirable complimentary color use: My living room HAD complimentary colors. I wanted a soothing and clean looking environment with touches of beautiful art. Instead, my new living room was like being in a disco and energized me when I didn't want to be (think too much caffeine) due to the prior homeowner's color selections with my décor. 

Building a Complimentary Color Outfit

On to our fashion application! For this exercise, we will be using NAVY as our base color. If we were styling the "Spotted: Fashionista" navy jumpsuit from B. Reese Boutique for an energic and exciting event, we would pair it with a punchy orange. Below you will see all of our pairings with links to each item at the bottom of this blog.

 Navy and Orange Complimentary Colors

Here is a photo of an outfit that I styled for myself in the exact same color combo for a women's conference. With navy and teal pants, I went with a bright orange top for the contrast.  Literally, friends would get excited when they saw the color combo and say, "OH, I LOVE THAT." Thank you color theory! Not pictured: Cardigan

And last, but not least, don't go too bold or crazy on the makeup lest your overall color combination looks like you are auditioning for Broadway. Don't get me wrong, I love Broadway, but it has a place and a time.  You don't want your makeup competing with your outfit. Keep it neutral.

And as always, reach out anytime for style advice. AND please send us your photos of your complimentary color outfits. Tag us @b.reesestyle 




Take the guess work out of your color selection by using a tool like 

Fashion Recommendations from the Post: 

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