Color Coordinating Your Outfit - Analogous Colors

Color Coordinating Your Outfit - Analogous Colors

August 19, 2020

Calling all Color Junkies - Part 2!

In this five part series, we are talking about using the color wheel to color coordinate your outfit by talking about five different strategies.

We started this series with Complimentary Colors - the bang POW of color combinations. Complimentary colors attract attention, and their contrast brings out the most in each other. Think opposites attract! 

Won't You Be My Neighbor? 

Today, we'll cover Analogous Colors.  Not to be confused with Monochromatic (all one color), this color combo is all about neighbors. The colors directly to the right and left of your main color make up an analogous color combo. Wear this color combo when you want your outfit to not be too matchy match but still play within just a few colors. 

Benefiting from analogous colors: Analogous color schemes create a sense of calm, harmony and comfort. Think about the ocean, the shades of blue and green that work so naturally together and soothe the senses.

Undesirable analogous color use: Here is an analogy for this color scheme. Today, I was teaching/facilitating virtual school for my 6 year old Baylor. During the drawing activity, I thought it would be fun to play a little learning song. Who doesn't love songs!?! I started playing our favorite YouTube 50 States song. It's very soothing and sing song. Suddenly, all of us got very sleepy. NEXT! I changed that song asap. Just like a soothing song on a sleepy morning, when you need excitement, energy, contrast and vibrancy, analogous is not really your best bet.

Building a Analogous Color Outfit

On to our fashion application! For this exercise, we will be using ROSE as our base color. It's important to choose an anchor color when utilizing a analogous color scheme and then "decorate" or accessorize with your main color's neighbors. This is an AWESOME color scheme to help push you out of your comfort zone if you typically dress with completely matching colors (red dress, red earrings, red heels, etc.). Analogous colors allow you to step just to the left or right of your main color to add some interest to your outfit. Below you will see all of our pairings with links to each item at the bottom of this blog. For this exercise, we used our B. Reese Boutique Afternoon Tea dress in rose. We added the neutral and soft cream dolman cardigan as well as a white wrap bracelet. Then, we leverage rose's neighbor mauve pink to select this chic backpack from Amazon adorned with a cute, gold bee. Finally, we took a step to the right on the color wheel to add red wedge sandals from Amazon as well along with Dyer Designs red cross earrings. Red may not be your first thought when accessorizing this soft rose dress. However, can you see how it punches up the interest of the outfit without dominating? Pretty, isn't it!?!



And as always, reach out anytime for style advice. AND please send us your photos of your color combo outfits. Tag us @b.reesestyle 


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Take the guess work out of your color selection by using a tool like 

Fashion Recommendations from the Post: 

Dolman Cardigan - B. Reese Boutique in Coppell, TX $42

Mauve Pink Backpack - Amazon $15.95

Red Wedges - Amazon $36.98

White Agate Bracelet - B.B. Lila in Fort Worth, TX $35

Champagne Druzy Ring - B.B. Lila in Fort Worth, TX $24

Red Earrings - Handmade by Dyer Designs in Brentwood, TN $16

Afternoon Tea Rose Dress - B. Reese Boutique in Coppell, TX $27



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