BINGO! Easy and Affordable Kids School Clothes

BINGO! Easy and Affordable Kids School Clothes

August 23, 2019

Affordable. Washes Easily. Cutes as a Button. Matching Options. BINGO!!!!

It was three weeks before the first week of school, so what did I do...….

Amazon shop like a mad woman of course! 

I love to dress my girls alike and in super cute clothes. Translation: $$$. So, I stumbled upon adorable matching dresses on Amazon, and I now buy them every season for the new, cute designs.

Bonus: I had a work trip the first week of school. The matching dresses made Daddy's job SUPER easy!

Alright, alright, I hear you. Get to the dresses!

Here is the lineup of matching dresses. They look so much like Mini Boden, right? You can snag a ton for these affordable prices. Below, I post the Amazon product and Baylor's modeling - which she enjoyed as much as I expected! 

Make sure to shop through my affiliate links pretty please and thank you. 

Happy shopping!


My little sunshine!


This is my favorite - leaving on a jet plane!


 She stole my heart in this dress (pun intended!). Purchase here!

 This tropical bird dress is even more beautiful in person!







Sherry Newsome

Sherry Newsome said:

very cute…perfect for my 3 grands


Sherry said:

Your new Spring clothes are toooo cute!!

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